About me


Hey traveller!

My name is Adrien, and this website is where I share my thoughts and progress throughout my journey as a developer.

I love solving problems and making the life of other people easier, which is exactly why I became a developer. I am currently working as a Staff Frontend Engineer at Brigad. My philosophy, in life and at work, is to welcome new challenges with open arms and always try to learn something new from them.

I am available for contract work, and you can see my skills here or contact me directly.

Contributing to OSS is something I try to do often, and encourage others do, as it helps us becoming an even more awesome community!

Mentoring and supporting collegues and fellow developers is also something I love and enjoy doing on a daily basis. Don't hesitate to come at me with any question you would have!

I have been playing drums for 7 years and particularly like discovering new artists and types of music.

I love practicing all kinds of sports, but particularly enjoy hiking, cycling, boxing, tennis, and yoga.

If you want to get in touch with me, message me on Twitter or LinkedIn, or send me an email!